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When at the idea stage or currently selling online and want to expand into retail it can be challenging to know what is needed to succeed and that is frustrating. Your brand will benefit from our years of experience in retail, placing products into retail, working with distributors, and building sales teams.

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Services & Pricing

Exploratory Call


No Charge for a 30-minute Call

Step 1
Let us learn more about your goals and determine if we can help get your brand onto the right shelves as we have with numerous other brands.

Step 2
We propose best next steps to help you achieve your goals.

Step 3
You are one step closer to see your brand coast-to-coast

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Retail Launch Prep Program


Step 1
You share your retail goals.

Step 2
We share what is needed next to ensure your brand has the best possible chance of success when entering retail.

Step 3
You execute changes and are ready for the next steps in your launch (Roadmap to Retail or Market Test)

Retail Roadmap icon

Roadmap to Retail


Customized to Your Brand

Step 1
We build your Roadmap to Retail, which includes the costs to get on shelf by retailer, region, approximate year of business best to approach, and estimated revenue and profit. This option also includes all that we provide in our Brand Review.

Step 2
We suggest the best next steps, which may be going back to work on the brand, a Market Test, or working as your VP of Sales.

Step 3
Your brand is one step closer to retail success (includes Retail Launch Prep Program)

Market Test


Customized to Your Brand

Step 1
We take your brand through all that is in our Roadmap to Retail plus we work with you to prepare a best-in-class presentation for the top 15 key accounts for your brand. Preparation takes 30-45 days.

Step 2
Product is shipped to the decision makers in the second half of this 90-day process and allows us to confirm brand viability and next steps. With one key account, we can gain placement in a distributor and build your brand in that geography.

Step 3
We continue as your VP of Sales and help grow your brand coast to coast.(includes Retail Launch Prep Program and Roadmap to Retail)

VP of Sales Icon

VP of Sales


+ .5% Commission

Step 1
You have had a successful Market Test or currently have product in retail.

Step 2
We implement your Roadmap to Retail as your VP of Sales.

Step 3
You focus on your core competencies within the brand and watch it grow coast to coast.

VP of Marketing and Sales Icon

VP of Marketing & Sales

$10,000 - $12,500

+ .5% Commission

Step 1
You review your messaging and sales plan at no cost to you.

Step 2
We clarify your messaging & sales plan and lead the execution.

Step 3
You focus on your core competencies within the brand and watch it grow coast to coast.

Messaging Services

Message Clarification



Wireframe a Landing Page


Wireframe A Website

Up to 5 pages



Customized to your needs

From $7,500

Complete Sales Funnel

  • Lead Generating PDF $2,500
  • Landing Page Wireframe $2,500
  • Email Nurture Sequence $5,000

$8,500 ($10,000 value)

Brand Messaging Refresh & Sales Funnel

  • Message Clarification $1,500
  • Wireframe Website $6,500
  • Complete Sales Funnel $10,000

$15,000 ($18,000 value)

Digital Marketing Management

  • Essential $1,000
  • Standard $1,750
  • Premium $2,750
  • Uses client provided content

Starting at $1,000 per month